Bear Kirkpatrick

Bear Kirkpatrick is a New Hampshire-based photographer. He made his living by turns as a stone-wall builder, roofer, mason’s tender, bookkeeper, furniture builder, and video art installer. And finally his talent as a great photographer came out. His latest work is the project Wallportraits which was a sort of mistake because it came out while playing  dress up with a friend.





About his creating, Bear Kirkpatrick, in an interview for says

“Creating the images is an exercise in trying not to think very much. Shooting portraits of people in the studio is very easy, but one good trick I have learned to is to shoot a lot of pictures. After a couple hundred images they get tired and stop trying to model, and then you get a flat and steady stare, and that’s what I want. No expression, just a flat look that is revealing. Again, revealing by concealing.

I like to find an in-between space without clear meaning. Vacuums that gets filled easily kill the illusion before it really had a chance to go anywhere. But if you can find a space that gets filled with something you are not sure about, something a little out of your control, something that perhaps is contrary to your own want — that’s a good sign and you as an artist will need to find a way to live with that — it’s what the medicine man knows.

Later at the computer screen begins the process of trying to accept that vacuum space you select and work to see what gets filled in, where’s the memory, the history? What’s the ghost within that face?”