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Dustin Yellin and his 3d collages

Dustin Yellin is best known for his unique sculptural paintings. Images are rendered on multiple sheets of resin or glass using ink, acrylic, and collage. Multiple layers one onto the other to create an illusion of three-dimensional objects or landscapes trapped in space. The image, though tangible, seems to change depending on the viewer’s position, creating an ephemeral effect.

Each large-scale sculpture is individually embellished with bizarre found objects—cut-up books, magazines and trash found on the street—which are then sealed within layers of glass. “Imagine if you were to make a drawing on a window,” said Yellin, explaining his process. “And then you were to take another window and glue it to that window… until you had a window sandwich. I make window sandwiches.” ( via thisiscolossal)

These works were commissioned by the New York City Ballet.



Dustin Yellin

The Triptych is Yellin’s 24,000 (10.900 kg) masterwork and, from January 2015 to mid march, will be displayed in New York.

Dustin Yellin